Sidewall Products


G&R Cedar Ltd can now offer its “Choice Brand” Re-butted & Re-jointed sidewall shingles to its wide ranging product line, in both Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Going back many years, cedar shingles have been a popular sidewall choice among distinguished architects and homeowners for their sharp appearance and long lasting beauty. They also provide excellent insulative value.

Finishing options are endless, and highly recommended to both enhance the natural beauty of cedar, and to help protect against the harsh elements of Mother Nature.

To start the re-manufacturing process, green (raw) shingles are kiln dried down to a moisture content of between 5& 9%. When they are sufficiently dry, the shingles go through a machine that trims and squares all 4 sides, which not only gives them a sharp, clean appearance, but also allows for quick and easy application on the sidewalls. The shingles are packaged in cartons, and depending on your preference, can either be purchased natural, factory pre-primed for future painting, or factory pre-stained.

Using a clear transparent stain will allow the natural wood grains to show through, and enhance the beautiful varying colors of red cedar.  Semi-transparent and semi-solid stains contain more pigments than a transparent, and still allow for the wood grains to show through. Both provide protection from damaging UV rays, as well as mildewcides for molds and mildews. G&R Cedar can provide either of these options in varying colors, with high quality stains. Please check with stain manufacturers for more detailed information regarding longevity and maintenance for each product.

Factory pre-priming cedar shingles attempts to block the cedar oils and tannins from coming to the surface. This is NOT a finish coat though; therefore a solid coat is required onsite.  G&R Cedar offers an “Alkyd Emulsion” primer in either grey or white. This new technology hybrid primer is a much greener alternative for our environment.  However, as cedar is a natural wood product, its tannins may still come to the surface despite the coat of primer. This is NOT a manufacturing defect, and G&R Cedar Ltd is not responsible for tannin bleed. Please always choose high quality paints and finishing coats to ensure maximum durability and performance.

Always follow the manufacturer’s full application instructions, which are on every carton, and on the link below. If you require more detailed information please refer to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau website: If you have any questions specific to G&R Cedar products, please contact us directly.

Application procedures: GRCedarApplicationProcedures (Filetype .pdf, Size: 1.5 mb)