Your roof and sidewall are the most integral parts of your home, and choosing cedar is an excellent choice, due to its aesthetic appeal, its thermal properties, and high resistance to severe weather.

When applying G&R Cedar shingles and shakes to your roof or sidewall, please make sure to only use a roofing contractor that has extensive experience using cedar. To choose just any roofer, or the cheapest, is not recommended, as installing a cedar roof takes time, and much attention to detail. We suggest checking with your local Better Business Bureau, or checking the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau website for a list of roofers that are affiliate members that may be in your area. If neither of these suggestions finds you a reputable roofer/contractor, make sure to always ask for 3-5 cedar references from the roofer you ultimately decide on.

Below are examples of the proper ways to apply cedar shingles and shakes. Its very important to always follow these guidelines, as the integrity and longevity of your roof or sidewall depends on it. When installing cedar shingles or shakes, you must use only type 304 or 316 stainless steel, or hot dipped zinc galvanized nails. If you are within 20 miles of salt water, however, you must use stainless steel type 316. The tannins in cedar are corrosive to other types of nails, and they should NOT be used under any circumstance.


G&R Cedar Shingle Application

Each shingle or shake should be applied with 2 nails, approximately 3/4″ from each edge, and 1 1/2″ above the exposure line. Make sure they penetrate the sheathing by at least 3/4″. DO NOT over penetrate the shake or shingle, as this can cause splitting and other integral problems. Nails should be driven flush with the surface of the shake or shingle.

When applying fire treated, or CCA treated shakes or shingles, please call the treatment company for type of fastener details.

ALWAYS check with your local building officials for application details that are specific to your area.

Always follow the manufacturer’s full application instructions, which are on every carton, and on the link below. If you require more detailed information please refer to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau website: If you have any questions specific to G&R Cedar products, please contact us directly.

Application procedures:
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