At G&R Cedar we believe it’s simply natural to want GREEN responsibility for a clean planet rests with us and we need to make the right choices. Roofing and siding  product selection have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. G&R Certi-labelTM cedar shakes and shingles allow you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and step confidently into the future, leaving a GREEN footprint on the path behind you.

It all starts in the forest.

Swimming Pool Water
Swimming Pool Water

Sustainable forest practices are very important to the health of our forests, and have actually resulted in larger forest growth in the slows down the spread of wildfires which feed on end-of-life cycle trees and dry forest fl oor debris. Over 175 million seedlings are planted each year in B.C. to replace the trees that have been harvested from the forests of British Columbia. As these seedlings grow into mature  trees, they actively absorb carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere, store the carbon, and release life-sustaining oxygen. Forest prod ucts such as cedar shakes and shingles actually store the carbon  greenhouse gases, less global warming, cleaner air, and a sustainable forest product life cycle that can be  repeated over and over, century after century.

Cedar is renewable

Alternative products usually rely on non-renewable natural resource
extraction and depletion. Cedar is Renewable. Wood is 100% biodegradable, so when it comes time to dispose of it, cedar will be absorbed back naturally into the earth, unlike wood substitutes that can linger in landfi lls for many decades. Cedar is Energy Efficient. Wood products consume less energy to produce than alternative products. Its high thermal resistance rating helps reduce energy consumption, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Smart Product = Healthy Environment

Choosing G&R cedar shakes and shingles for your home is an environmentally responsible, GREEN product choice. Help keep our planet clean; use Western Red & Alaskan Yellow Cedar shakes and shingles for all your roofi ng and sidewall needs.

Many cedar shakes & shingles are actually manufactured from salvaged fibre, which is wood left over from past logging work, or windblown material left on the forest floor.

The days of clear-cutting and mis-managing BC’s forests are long gone. Sustainable forest practices are very important…. In fact, only 1/3 of 1% of BC’s forests are logged each year. (source

Each year, managed forests absorb and store quantities of CO2 that are equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by approximately 173 million automobiles. (source: American Forest & Paper Association, “A Climate Fact Sheet”)