First and foremost, cedar is a GREEN building material, something few, if any, other roofing or siding products can truly say.

When it comes time to build your home, there are also many reasons why cedar is a great choice. Many other roofing and siding products try hard to duplicate the look and appeal of cedar shakes and shingles, but none of them come close. Not only is cedar aesthetically pleasing, it also adds to the resale value of your home. Cedar has the highest insulative value of any building material, and in fact, is the only one with an “R” value. Tests show that a cedar roof can save you up to 20% off your heating and cooling costs, due to its thermal efficiency. The cells in cedar allow them to act as an insulator naturally. It has been tested to withstand 130mph, hurricane force winds, and pounding hailstorms. The natural oils and tannins in cedar resist insect attack, and also act as a rot repellent. In areas where rain or high humidity is an issue it is highly recommended that a CCA preservative treatment be used. Cedar shakes and shingles can also be fire treated, and can achieve a Class “C”, “B” or “A” rating in areas where this is required. Warranties are available for both options from the respective treatment companies.

Cedar shakes and shingles provide all of these very important benefits, and more, and is the only true GREEN roofing and siding material. Why would you want anything else on your home?

When its time to roof or re-roof your home, remember these very important benefits of using high quality, properly installed cedar shakes or shingles.

  • highest insulative value of any building product
  • has been tested to withstand 130mph winds (CSSB Member Mills have passed Wind Uplift Test UL-1897)
  • highly resilient during pounding hailstorms (CSSB Member Mills have passed Passed UL-2218 Hail Standard)
  • natural oils & tannins resist insect attacks and repel rot
  • very aesthetically pleasing
  • the only true GREEN roofing and siding material
  • very environmentally friendly
  • 100% biodegradable and renewable
  • cedar is very energy efficient
  • minimizes air pollution